Reliance Emergency Medicine

About Reliance

With rising costs and constant changes to rules and regulations, many of today’s innovative healthcare companies that deliver emergency care must find innovative ways to adapt and succeed. For most companies, the pressure for that adaptation is the result of one or more of the following struggles:

  1. Difficulty in meeting metrics and providing quality care
  2. Difficulty in recruiting and retaining quality physicians
  3. Decline in quality of care provided by locum physicians

Reliance Emergency Medicine was born from a desire to help companies overcome those difficulties – if not avoid them altogether.

Reliance is unlike any other staffing company on the market today. When you negotiate with Reliance, it’s like you are negotiating with a single physician. Rather than using expensive retainer fees to lock down companies, Reliance operates on a “as you need us and as we are available” basis. When there are months that require more staffing, Reliance will be there, expanding to fill the shifts that remain after full time employees are scheduled. On months where we are not needed, we remain on the sidelines, saving you money for when you need us.

When you do need us, we can say with confidence that the physicians we provide will be:

  • Licensed
  • Credentialed
  • Covered by a comprehensive Malpractice Policy
  • Fully insured with credentialing verification and background checks

Our physicians will also be paid at a flat rate across the board at any of your facilities. We negotiate that rate for all our physicians, and it will not change no matter how often or how little our physicians are utilized, including nights, weekends or holidays.

Whether it be illness, vacation, CME or family leave, Reliance Emergency Medicine physicians are a cost-effective solution to cover your facility’s staffing gaps. We match providers who are ready to work for clients who need more than just a set of skills or a clinical designation. We make sure that the doctors are a good fit for your facility’s work environment, and take both clinical and non-clinical factors in to that consideration.

Thank you for considering Reliance Emergency Medicine. We are proud to offer our qualified emergency room physicians to help you meet your needs.


Connecting high quality emergency physicians directly to where they are needed without the fees, without the hassle, without the frustration. Reliance Emergency Medicine. You can rely on us.