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Cell Phone Distractions Can Lead You Places You Don’t Want to Go

The first cell phone was created in the 1970’s and sold for thousands of dollars. Needless to say, very few could afford them. Today, according to recent statistics, there are more than 327.5 million cell phones in the United States. That number exceeds our population and collectively, Americans check their phones upwards of 8 BILLION […]
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  • May

Is it heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

  The summer months are fast approaching and with them come celebrations, family vacations and trips to the beach. Children will be enjoying their days riding bikes or splashing with friends at the local water park. That means there are some precautions that need to be considered to ensure that no one falls victim to […]
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  • Dec

Running a marathon starts with a single step

Local doctor offers hints to help novice runners prepare   San Antonio – Legend has it that the marathon began in 490 B.C., when Greek soldier Pheidippides ran from a battlefield near Marathon to Athens to deliver news of a Greek victory over the Persians. He then promptly collapsed and died. Thousands of years later, […]
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  • Nov

Fighting the flu starts with fighting vaccine myths

Local doctor says vaccine fears may cost lives this flu season   San Antonio – Each flu season, between five and 20 percent of Americans catch some strain of the flu, leading to more than 30 thousand deaths per year from flu-related complications. Doctors with the group Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP) say those […]
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  • Oct

Emergency physicians reveal top Halloween dangers

Cars, cuts top list of preventable injuries   San Antonio – While Freddie Krueger and Michael Myers have haunted the dreams of children for generations, local physicians say there will be something even scarier roaming the streets of San Antonio this Halloween: cars.