Join the GSEP Team

The Right Mission

GSEP was founded with one mission in mind: To selflessly heal and serve. In our tireless quest to fulfill that mission, we hire only the best and brightest residency-trained, board-certified physicians who are dedicated to providing the best emergency care and who strive every day to conduct their activities and business affairs with integrity and respect towards all individuals and institutions.

The Right Awards

GSEP offers a competitive starting salary with extensive benefits, but what truly makes us unique is that we offer a speedy path to partnership. Building upon shareholder value, our physicians can become voting partners. Once a physician has worked 2,000 scheduled hours, he or she is presented to the GSEP Board of Directors for approval as a shareholder.

The Right Place

San Antonio is a family-first city that offers a great climate, low cost of living, wonderful schools, world-class attractions and a vibrant culture.

It’s also a thriving medical hub, featuring some of the largest hospitals in the country, cutting-edge biomedical research facilities, as well as multiple military bases and military hospitals.

When you consider that Texas is a tort reform state with a favorable malpractice environment and no state income tax, you can see why more and more physicians are choosing San Antonio as a destination for a rewarding career and fulfilling life.

The Right Team

GSEP is an independent, democratic, professional association made up of 80+ emergency physicians, serving ten hospitals in San Antonio, and caring for over 200,000 patients a year.

GSEP works with the largest private hospital system in South Texas, and staffs a dedicated children’s hospital, a transplant hospital, and multiple free-standing EDs.

At GSEP, you’re backed by a tight-knit network of ER physicians who are all invested in your success. And, as a self-governing group, the shareholders make major policy decisions.

Importantly, GSEP provides a fair and transparent environment to establish a career as an emergency physician.