Excellence in Leadership

Executive Committee

Robert Frolichstein, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Liza Chopra, MD
Chief Operating Officer

Justin Williams, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Current Board of Directors

The Shareholders of GSEP elect a Board of Directors to lead the organization. The GSEP Board consists of one Board member for every four Shareholders at a site. However, each Board member represents all Shareholders not only those at his or her own site. This provides a balance between site specific concerns and organizational concerns.

The GSEP Board elects a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the Board, as well as a Chief Operating Officer and a Chief Medical Officer for the group.

Robert Frolichstein, MD

Brad Boothby, MD

Gary Dufresne, DO
Finance Committee Chairperson

James Black, MD

Dale DuBois, MD

Craig Gerstenkorn, MD

Leslie Hunter, MD

Christine Johnson, MD

Paul Lillich, MD

Charles Stephens, MD

Robert Wilson, MD

Medical Directors

We position a Medical Director at each facility with an overall Director (the Chief Medical Officer) for all our facilities. Collectively, our Medical Directors serve on a Quality Improvement Committee dedicated to continually improving processes involved in treating patients in the Emergency Department. Focusing on the most up–to-date clinical information, the committee addresses such issues as patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Each site elects a Medical Director that is responsible for the daily operations of that site. The Medical Directors work closely with the hospital Nursing Directors to improve processes that effect ED function. Our current Medical Directors are:

Justin Williams, MD, FAAEM
Chief Medical Officer

Jennifer Gemmill, MD
Main Methodist Hospital

Colin Meyer, MD
Assc. Dir, Main Methodist Hospital &
Methodist Boerne Emergency Center

Tad Wilson, MD
Methodist Children’s Hospital

Lee Armstrong, MD
Assc. Dir, Methodist Children’s Hospital

Brad Boothby, MD
Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital

Gabe Rodriguez, MD
Metropolitan Methodist Emergency Center at the Quarry

Rachel Metz, MD
Methodist Stone Oak Hospital

Liza Chopra, MD
APP Director